Category: Self care

pouring-water Free

Water Natures Gift, Water Heals

Measure how much water you’re drinking

underarm-health-1 Free

Underarm Health

Remove toxins from deodorants

Dry-Skin-Brushing-5 Free

Dry Skin Brushing

Encourages lymphatic drainage

Avoid Wearing Free

Avoid Wearing Plastic Fabrics

Plastic is hidden in your clothes

Shoe-Shine-6-1 Paid

How To Clean Your Shoes

First impressions your shoes get noticed

French-Manicure Paid

French Manicure

Grooming is important people do notice

Skin-Oiling-5 Paid

Benefits Of Skin Oiling

Nourishes you and your skin

Exfoliating-Shower-1 Paid

Skin Exfoliating

Rids skin of dead skin cells

Women Genital Care Paid

Women Genital Care

100% cotton underwear

Maintain Personal Hygiene Paid

Men Genital Care

100% cotton underwear