"Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves"

Focusing your attention on anything serves as an expression of love…

You see an animal with it’s newborn, it’s creating a bond of love. The young are learning from their parents through watching, listening and sensing the world around them instinctivelyeffectivelyefficiently. Parents are working hard and are absent from the home. We are not teaching our children the basic’s in life and how to cope in the real world. Committed to equip you with life skills, common sense, and empower you with tips to help YOU help yourself. Saving you precious TIMEMONEY and ENERGY. Providing you with trustworthy advice, wisdom, and inspiration, my aim is to awaken you to your surroundings, so that you can truly fly in this beautiful life you have been given. You will be a success in anything you set your mind to.

My Story:

Born the youngest of four children to a hard working family with strong values and two amazing parents. Leaving home at 17 and a half I learnt to adjust quickly to my environment through watching and observing others. I failed the school system, but I was street smart. The beautiful thing about our parents is they didn’t not smother us kids, but gave us the freedom to explore and the space to grow in the real world. Yes we made mistakes along the way, but they encourage us to dust ourselves off, get back up and learn from our mistakes.

I soon landed my dream job, flying as a cabin crew member from aged 21 to 29. These were amazing years, but I spent a lot, saw a lot and my goodness I wanted a lot. My eyes desired material things, but I still managed to save. Along the journey I met my husband Russell and we started a business in Photography from 1990 while still juggling my cabin crew role. We bought our first and only home on a farm with 11 acres.

Then came the time for babies. My life changed here, forever. I started to question everything I was taught. I left my flying job as I wanted to be a hands on mother for our children and not be away overseas missing out on the important first 7 years. I read everything I could get my hands on about babies, preparing my body for the most important role in the world, Motherhood. From there I embarked on a journey of food, sleep, parenting, stress, money, selfcare, juggling the house, and the all-consuming business and self employment. Every day we had a choice, the easy way or the harder way. I felt “convenience” the packaging, the quick food, the faster way was in fact damaging us. I made everything from scratch so I did not compromise our health.

Over the past 25 years I have had many souls sitting opposite me with pen and paper writing down some of my tips, recipes, life and relationship advice and many other things. It wasn’t till in 2017 that I was approached by a young man I met who asked me to teach him cooking, shopping and food tips. I taught him for 2 months and while I was teaching him he said “ Can I record you?” I was utterly shocked and said no. While I was helping him for the 2 months, I realised at that moment there were more people I wanted to help, not to mention our beautiful Earth. Our environment is delicate we have to live in awareness of this.

The only way I could reach out and share that the quality of your life is more important than quantity of the things you are constantly buying was to do this yournetmum.com site so I could help and inspire others.