Crepes breakfast

Breakfast Homemade Crepe’s

A household favourite

Bread-Rolls-6 Free

Making Bread Rolls

Great for soups, lunches platters or dinner

Rice-Tuna-Salad-2 Free

Work Lunch Tuna Rice Salad

Our favourite made in minutes!

Proper-Food-storage-6 Free

Fridge step 4. not stored in fridge

Kumera, onions, potatoes not in fridge

remove-all-plastic-choose-glass Free

Fridge Step 3. Remove All Plastic Choose Glass

Plastic leaks toxins into food

food-storage Free

Fridge Step 2. Storing Food Correctly To Save Waste

Older food in left crisper fresh food in right crisper

step1-cleaning-fridge-out Free

Fridge step 1. cleaning it out

Lets take a look at the fridge

Yogurt-5 Free

Making Yoghurt

Made in minutes

Perlers Paid

Perla Potatoes

Fried, smashed, fast go to food


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